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About Arkansas Kendo

Kajitani Sensei (left) and Giang Sensei (right) of Arkansas Kendo Club at Nabeshima Cup in Texas

History of Arkansas Kendo

Arkansas Kendo Club was founded in late 2003 in Little Rock. The club founder, Kajitani Sensei, originally from Japan, has been studying kendo since 1972.  He was a part of the Kendo Club at Toyama High School in...

Members of the Arkansas Kendo Club at the 2022 Cherry Blossom Japanese Festival in Hotsprings Arkansas

Our Federations & Accreditation

Southwest Kendo & Iaido Federation (SWKIF) The SWKIF is Arkansas Kendo’s regional federation of the All US Kendo Federation (AUSKF). The SWKIF is an association of kendo and iaido clubs throughout the...

Sentany Sensei overlooking Arkansas Kendo class


List of current instructors, past instructors, and the board of directors at Arkansas Kendo.

Club Members

Yudansha Black belt/ Dan rank Mudansha White belt/ Kyu rank Mukyushu No rank Updated:

Guests kendo players from Houston come practice at Arkansas Kendo Club

Affiliate Dojos

See our friends and affiliates. Dallas/Fort Worth Kendo and Iaido Kyokai Located in Dallas, TX Memphis Kendo Association Located in Memphis, TN Memphis kendo Inland Empire Kendo Club Located...

Membership Dues

Break down of monthly dojo membership dues and yearly AUSKF federation dues.

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