Arkansas Kendo Club


Q: How much does kendo cost?
A: See our Membership Dues page for the cost of club membership. Do not worry about uniforms, equipment, bogu (armor) if you are a beginner. We provide a new shinai to all beginners in the club.

Q: What time does AKC practice?
A: See our Events Calendar/ Practice Schedule page for current schedule of practices.

Q: Where does AKC practice?
A: See Location details.

Q: How should I dress for practice?
A: What to Expect as a Beginner will give you everything you need.

Q: What are the common Japanese terms used during practice?
A: Kendo Terms page

Q: What is the minimum age to start kendo?
A: We do not have a minimum age to start kendo. It is, however, difficult for children under the age of 7 to pay attention for long periods of time. If a family or friend is already in the dojo, a younger member will have an easier time with the adjustment.

Q: When can I wear the kendo dogi (uniform)?
A: Once a student attends regular practice, and is comfortable with the basic kendo footwork, they will be eligible to wear a kendo uniform of a dogi and hakama. Of course you do have to learn how to fold the uniform (especially hakama) before you can wear it!

Q: When can I get into bogu (armor)?
A: The amount of time someone spends as beginner (a member not wearing full bogu) depends on many factors including age, natural ability, attendance, and diligence. There is no specific time for a beginner to switch to bogu, however, finishing the 6-8 weeks of beginner practices is a great start.

A serious adult with good coordination may be ready for testing perhaps within 6-8 months. The biggest factor to elevate to bogu is attendance, i.e., the amount of time you spend seriously applying yourself to learning kendo. This is true for all kendo stages, it is especially true for the beginner stages. If you are serious about getting into armor, do not miss more than one practice in a row. Attendance, along with good attitude, is key to obtaining sensei approval for advancement.

See Websites for Kendo Equipment to find resources for buying bogu.

Q: How do I test for rank?
A: Student is eligible for testing under the following conditions:

  • has sensei approval
  • has attended regular practice

Practice Times & Location

Esporta Fitness
11700 Chenal Pkwy
Little Rock, AR 72211




6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

NOTE: Visitors, please contact us prior to visit. Schedule may change due to events.

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