Arkansas Kendo Club

Kendo Terms

Japanese / English Translation


Ichi: One.

Ni: Two

San: Three.

Shi: Four.

Go: Five.

Roku: Six.

Shichi: Seven.

Hachi: Eight.

Kyuu: Nine.

Jyuu: Ten.

Basic Terms

Ashi sabaki: Footwork.

Dan: Ranking system for advanced levels. Equivalent to black belt in other martial arts. 1 Dan = lowest. 8 Dan = highest.

Datotsu no kikai: Chance of strike.

Ippon shoubu: One point match (first person to score wins).

Jiyuu keiko: Free practice.

Hansoku: Foul.

Hantei: Referees’ decision as to the winner of a match.

Kakari geiko: Attack practice.

Kamae: Basic stance or posture.

Kata: Standardized series of predetermined attacks and responses.

Keiko: Practice.

Kensen: Tip of the shinai/ sword.

Kenshi: Sword fighter/ kendo player.

Kiai: Shout or yell.

Kigurai: Poise.

Kihon: Basics.

Kime: Striking with decisiveness and conviction.

Kirikaeshi: Basic exercise in which the side of the men are struck repeatedly.

Koudansha: Kendoka with rank 5th dan (godan) or higher.

Kyu: Ranking system for beginner levels. 6 kyu = lowest. 1 kyu = highest. Equivalent to white belt in other martial arts.

Maai: Distance between one and one’s opponent.

Rei: Bow.

Sanbon shoubu: Three point match (first person to score two points wins).

Seiza: Seated position on the knees.

Seme: Pressure applied to one’s opponent.

Sensei: Instructor. Surname + “sensei” i.e., Sentany Sensei. In kendo, to be a sensei, the kendoka must be 4 dan (yon dan) or higher in rank.

Shinpan: Referee.

Sonkyo: The crouching position in which begins and ends each bout.

Suburi: Basic exercise which simulates striking the men repeatedly, performed without bogu or an opponent.

Tai atari: Hitting with the body.

Tai sabaki: Body movement.

Tsuba zeriai: Situation in which the players are close together, “tsuba to tsuba.”.

Tsuki: The thrust target; the only point in kendo which is scored with athrust rather than a strike. The target is below the chin and at the throat.

Yuudansha: Kendoka with a rank of 1 Dan (shodan) or higher

Yuuko datotsu: Valid point.

Zanshin: Mental and physical alerness, especially after the completion of an attack.

Seiza: Seated position on the knees.

Practice Times & Location

Esporta Fitness
11700 Chenal Pkwy
Little Rock, AR 72211




6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

NOTE: Visitors, please contact us prior to visit. Schedule may change due to events.

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