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HHK Ten Year Taikai Results

Went to Houston, brought back a shodan.

Congrats Marshall!! We’re so proud of you. 💪💪

Sentany Squad went to the Houston HKK 10th Anniversary Taikai event on the weekend of October 28th, 2023. The three man teams were composed of a combined rank of 8th dan. AKC sent two Arkansas members (Hunter— 1st Kyu & Olten— 3rd Dan) and Costa Mesa’s Gallinger sensei— 5th Dan to compete on Saturday as the infamous Sentany Squad.

It was 9 hours of taikai, many matches, wins and losses. But we came back with Hunter passing 1 Dan shinsa on Sunday!

Thank you Houston Kendo Kyokai for putting on such a great event! It went smoothly with fantastic leadership spearheading the event. Let’s meet again!

Also, special thanks to California Budogu for supplying the event, and making us our amazing Sentany Squad zekken and tenugui.

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