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Nabeshima Cup 2023 Results

The 2023 Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Weekend and Southwest Kendo and Iaido Federation (SWKIF) Spring Shinsa hosted in Dallas, TX was an incredible experience this past weekend. The Arkansas Kendo Club family and over 150 fellow kenshi took part in the tournament & Shinsa. 30 different dojos from 15 different states, plus kenshi from Mexico, Columbia, and France came together to create an incredible event!

Thank you Dallas / Fort Worth Kendo & Iaido Kyokai for hosting the 2023 Nabeshima Cup and Texas Open Weekend 🙏

AKC ladies dominated the women’s division with Sayaka Mizukami taking 1st place and Yukiko Taylor bringing home 3rd!

All four AKC members who tested passed their respective tests to move up their rank. We are so proud of each of them!

Thank you to each of the AKC members for your hard work and dedication to Kendo and to our club. AKC would not be what it is without each of you and the support of your families in the background. We had a bit of a challenging month, with our long time dojo being destroyed by the Little Rock tornado on 3/31, but we all worked together to keep our club and our kendo strong!

Great job everyone!

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